A little more about me...

I'm a total extrovert who has a hard time sitting still. This is actually a huge factor in how I became a photographer. (The short story: I had just graduated university and moved home, Covid shut the world down, so I picked up a camera and decided to learn). I didn't know if photography would lead anywhere, but wow, did it ever become my dream job!

When I'm not busy capturing memories for the coolest people, you can find me planning my next dream vacation, enjoying a glass of overly sweet rosé wine or talking my boyfriend's ear off- lol.

Unlike those awkward school photos that haunt our memories, I'm here to bring you an experience that is fun and refreshing. Think of it like a fun date night with me as your third wheel.

So let's create our own experiences

I strive to create a space where you can be your uninhibited self, allowing your true personality to shine. Whether we're chasing sunsets on a tropical beach, exploring hidden gems in your favourite city, or staying cozy in your home, I'm here to tell your story.

Some stuff you should know about me

I actually have a degree

I'm obsessed with:

Coffee & pepperettes

In television + Media Studies

My favorite person is

Music taste

My boyfriend Jesse- we met working at Boston Pizza 4 years ago

So all over the place but I love Halsey

I’m addicted to

I started this business

At the age of 22

Travelling- My favourite place so far is Bali

My dream wedding

A Favourite hobby

I will be eloping in Greece one day

working out with my mum